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Therapy couple looking lovingly into each others eyes


Couples and Individual Therapy
in Forest Hill, South East London
and online

I believe that complete acceptance of the client with an absence of judgment are essential elements of counselling. To be able to work through overwhelming feelings such as: grief, shame, embarrassment, guilt or fear, it is vital to feel safe.


I offer my clients the opportunity to explore and experiment, encouraging them to take steps as wide or as small as they feel comfortable to take. My role is to guide, facilitate and support, as well as to look at the meaning behind the words, and to challenge old beliefs and judgments that are having a negative effect in person's life. 

Helping couples look deeply at themselves and their relationship to get to the core of their struggles and create love, closeness and connection.


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an effective short-term structured and transparent approach that aims to repair and strengthen partners relationship, communication and emotional bond. It is one of the most studied and validated approaches to couple therapy at the moment and its effectiveness is scientifically proven.


Premarital EFT sessions help couples understand each other's emotional needs and learn how to respond to them in a supportive and loving way. Couples will build a stronger foundation for their relationship and learn to prevent common issues such as emotional distance and lack of communication from arising in the future.

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